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Apart from training the Auditors in Data Analysis and Financial Controls using ACL(Audit Command Language), IDEA (Interractive Data Extraction and Analysis), ActiveData and Microsoft Excel, we also assist both the Internal and External Auditors in conducting electronic audit using the above CAAT tools. We have used our core competence in ACL Scripting and its multifaceted features to automate Payroll Audit and Final Accounts on Oracle Database, SQL Server, Visual Foxpro, etc. on one hand, and AVR Billing System sitting on Unix O/S on the other Hand.

ActiveData and Microsoft Excel are other powerful tools we have used extensively in helping several organizations to sift through enormous amounts of data in skeptical details against errors, fraud and misappropriation of organizations resources.

Apart from scripting also in IDEA, we maintain a pool of in-house programmers that always provide supporting locally developed scripts to aid the ovarall automating tasks of in-house audit modules during the implementation of ACL and IDEA CAAT tools. This strategy has set us apart as a leader in Data Analysis and Fraud Detection business Using Computer Assisted Audit Technique tool.

Whereever you are on the globe, we can help your organization ensure that your financial, human resources, billing, etc. database records do not contain errors, misappropriation and fraud based on Control Objective Framework, using the wealth of experience we have acquired over some years back.

Organizations all over the world have come to realize that manual method of data analysis to detect and prevent fraud can no longer be effective. With data being integrated from numerous sources throughout the organizations, the ability of the auditors to examine transactions in relentless and skeptical detail is a must. Auditors therefore need to be equipped technically with computer Assisted Audit Technique tools and capabilities before they can assist their organizations in preventing, detecting and also correcting errors, fraud and misappropriations.

While this may not be feasible in some cases within the orgaizations due to the reason of the skill gap, outsourcing the tasks of Data Analysis and Fraud Detection using CAAT tools to technical professionals in IT Audit field is another acceptable alternative in today's era of digital evidence.

When the last option is selected, the Internal Auditors of an organization would combine resources with the technical professionals in IT Audit field where they would jointly and participatively formulate and document the control objectives and audit procedures for the assignment and the technical professional would use the CAAT tools to produce the result.

We have positioned ourselves technically to serve in the above capacity. Over the years, we have been assisting intermediate and leading organizations in conducting Data Audit Using ACL, IDEA, ActiveData and Microsoft Excel. We have led several organizations in this regard including the audit team of the office of the Auditor-General of Lagos State, Power Holding Company of Nigeria, National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructrue, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife and University of Lagos to mention a few.

We are proposing to help you do the same inrespective of your location on the globe.

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